Qin Chen is a writer and editor based in Shanghai. She focuses on China’s tech industry and related policies and is an observer of Chinese society. In her previous life, she was a Beijing-based reporter at Inkstone, a China-focused news site from The South China Morning Post, helping English readers make sense of the top news from the world’s second-largest economy.

Qin worked for five years in the news industry in the U.S. She was a video producer at The New Yorker, a documentary producer at CNBC, and a multimedia designer at the San Jose Mercury News.

Last Updated: April 27, 2022



China’s Record Urban Youth Unemployment

Qin Chen, Alison Sile Chen & more
China has recorded its highest level of unemployment among urban youth since the country began tracking it in 2018. In March, 16 percent of Chinese city-dwellers aged 16 to 24 were unemployed, compared to 13.6 percent a year earlier. In May, that...



Shanghai’s Lockdown

Kenton Thibaut, Guobin Yang & more
In late March, China started its largest lockdown in more than two years, with most of Shanghai’s 26 million residents confined to their homes in an effort to battle the rapid spread of Omicron. As of mid-April, 45 cities across the country were...