Wang Lixiong is a Chinese writer and scholar. His political prophecy novel Yellow Peril, published in Chinese in 1991, was ranked forty-first in Yazhou Zhoukan’s “100 Most Influential Chinese Novels of the Twentieth Century.”

Since the 1990s, his writing has often centered around the politics of ethnicity in China. Wang is the author of China Tidal Wave (translated from the original Chinese to English by Anton Platero, BRILL/Global Oriental, 2008), and The Struggle for Tibet, co-authored with Tsering Shakya (Verso, 2009), as well as many other books in Chinese.

Wang was a member of the Chinese Writers Association until his resignation in 2001 in protest of the group’s restrictions on free expression by its members. In 2009, he received the Dalai Lama’s Light of Truth Award. He resides in Beijing.

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Twelve Suggestions for Dealing with the Tibetan Situation, by Some Chinese Intellectuals

Wang Lixiong from New York Review of Books
At present the one-sided propaganda of the official Chinese media is having the effect of stirring up inter-ethnic animosity and aggravating an already tense situation. This is extremely detrimental to the long-term goal of safeguarding national...

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I don’t belong to a political party and have never felt that Communist Party meetings are any of my business. But my home is in Beijing. I am a writer, and Han Chinese. My wife, Woeser, is also a writer, and Tibetan. The other member of our household is my mother, who is 90.

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