What a Picture of China’s One-Child Policy Leaves Out

Jie Li, Susan Greenhalgh & more
Brainwashed? Reflections on Propaganda in One Child NationBy Jie LiOne Child Nation, a documentary distributed by Amazon Studios which was shortlisted for an Academy Award, is becoming one of the most influential films about China in the United...

An Inconvenient Truth? China Omits Key Figures That May Have Highlighted Its Demographic Time Bomb from Official Statistics

Sidney Leng
South China Morning Post
A key data series on China’s fertility rate has been axed from the country’s latest statistical yearbook, depriving the public of crucial figures to judge the effectiveness of the country’s two-child policy.

More Babies in China Worth Celebrating—but Mind the Data

Nathaniel Taplin
Wall Street Journal
Official data shows women had the most children since 2000 in 2016

Grey Boom: Decades of Birth Controls Leave China with Distorted Demographics

Nathan Vanderklippe
Globe and Mail
By 2030, the country will count 143 million more people aged 60 and older, a two-thirds expansion over 2015.

My Secret Life as a Forbidden Second Child in China

Karoline Kan
Foreign Policy
The country's draconian birth control policies have lifted, but the millions of children born outside the system live on in the shadows.