The Upside for China in the US Stock Market Plunge – from the Chinese Economist Who Tipped a Big Fall

Frank Tang
South China Morning Post
A record points plunge in the US stock market this week could be good news for China’s exporters, according to a Chinese government economist who predicted a big correction in American shares four weeks ago.

What’s China Got Against the U.S. Constitution?

Benjamin Carlson
Global Post
The Communist Party mouthpiece, People’s Daily, attacked America’s constitutional structure, claiming that “there is no such thing as democracy and freedom under U.S. constitutional governance.”

China Urbanization Cost Could Top $106 Billion a Year

The figure is based on the assumption that 25 million people a year settle in cities, with the government spending the money on making sure they enjoy the same benefits in healthcare, housing and schools that city residents have, the Chinese Academy...

Young Chinese People May Just Not Be That Into Western-Style Democracy

Damien Ma
A study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences found, among other things, that Chinese hold the view that the Chinese political system simply cannot be compared to that of the United States.