Analysis from China Development Brief’s July Conference

China Development Brief has begun posting English-language versions of the presentations and analysis offered at the workshop it hosted in July 2017. Included is a presentation from Jia Xijin, of Tsinghua University’s School of Public Policy and...

Forestry Administration Formulates Foreign NGO Guidelines; Ningxia Public Security Bureau Educates Local Police on Foreign NGO Law; Shanghai Public Security Bureau Meets with Canadian Consulate

The State Forestry Administration has formulated “Measures for State Forestry Administration Departments and Subordinate Units Managing Cooperation and Exchange with Foreign NGOs,” meant to regulate and guide offices within the State Forestry...

Data Visualizations Updated to Include August

The newest round of data is up! Our data visualizations include information from January-August on representative offices and temporary activities throughout China. We’ve also updated the list of entities currently serving as Professional...

Which Professional Supervisory Units Are Sponsoring Foreign NGOs?

Following are the Professional Supervisory Units that have sponsored a (or multiple) foreign NGO representative office(s).

MAC Advisers’ Report Warns over NGO Safety in China

Lin Liang-sheng and Jonathan Chin
Taipei Times

Professional Supervisory Unit Releases Filing and Application Procedures for Potential Foreign NGO Partners

The State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development issued two documents on August 22 outlining the procedures for foreign NGOs seeking to register a representative office or file a temporary activity in conjunction with...

CPRI Posts Interview with the Ford Foundation

On August 21, the China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) at Beijing Normal University published an interview with Elizabeth Knupp of the Ford Foundation in both English and Chinese, discussing Ford’s history in China and its registration...

Shaanxi Public Security Bureau Talks Foreign NGOs with Hong Kong Government; Shandong Trains Local Police; Hainan Meets Local PSUs; Liaoning Chats with Slovenian Consulate

On August 16, the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office met with Italian NGO “International Cooperation Volunteer Group—Our Homeland,” and presented the group with its registration certificate. Also present were...

Updated: Ministry of Public Security Releases Guidance on Applying for Foreign NGO Work Permits

Today, in conjunction with the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) issued a “Notice on Handling Work Permits for Foreign Employees of Foreign NGOs and Related Issues.” This is the first official...

New Foreign NGO Employee Work Permit Rules; Shandong, Wuhan, Beijing, Henan Discuss Foreign NGO Law with Government Agencies and Chinese Partner Units

Today, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a “Notice on Handling Work Permits for Foreign Employees of Foreign NGOs and Related Issues” to recipients at the provincial level.

What If My NGO’s Application Is Rejected?

Can my organization appeal if public security officials reject our request to establish a representative office or prohibit our temporary activity?According to one source, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has stated on multiple occasions that...

Foreign NGO Law Publicity in Gansu, Training for Domestic NGOs in Shanghai, University Meetings in Hubei and Jiangsu

The Fujian and Sichuan Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Offices granted registration certificates to foreign NGOs in their respective jurisdictions. Fujian gave certificates to The Chinese Art of Tea Craft Union, the Chinese Youth...

New Comparative Analysis from Contributor Elizabeth Plantan

Ph.D. candidate Elizabeth Plantan compares and contrasts Russia’s and China’s foreign NGO-related legislation. Though both laws had a similar set of motivations driving their creation, Plantan shows key differences in the drafting processes as well...

Comparing Recent NGO Laws in Russia and China

Elizabeth Plantan
Over the last several years, Russia and China have developed strikingly parallel laws on the management of foreign NGOs and foreign support of domestic civil society. While regular visitors to this site are familiar with the 2017 Foreign NGO Law in...

What if My Organization Can’t Find a Professional Supervisory Unit Willing to Sponsor Us?

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has not offered clear guidance about this apparently common problem. The China NGO Project has learned from several foreign NGOs that many PSUs are either unprepared to or unwilling to sponsor foreign NGOs,...

How Many Times Must My NGO File for Temporary Activities for the Same Program Carried out Multiple Times in a Year?

Though the Ministry of Public Security has provided no specific guidance on this point, it appears that foreign NGOs may file one time for a program that will take place on non-contiguous dates during the year. (According to the Foreign NGO Law, no...

Updated Data Visualizations for January-July

We’ve crunched the numbers and updated our suite of data visualizations to include the month of July. Let us know if there are other ways we could analyze the data that would be useful for you or your organization.

Hubei Public Security Bureau Discusses Foreign NGO Law at Local Universities, Beijing Meets Professional Supervisory Units, Shanghai Encourages a Foreign NGO to Register

Today, the Guangxi and Shaanxi Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Offices issued registration certificates to the Guangxi Business Association of Canada and Plan International (United States), respectively.

We Need Your Input: How Much Does It Cost to Carry out a Temporary Activity?

Cold hard cash—it’s an issue that has come up in many of our conversations about temporary activities. As we note in one of our FAQs, it can be quite pricey for foreign NGOs operating in China to compile all the documentation and authorizations...

New (Open-Access!) Academic Article on Foundations in China

Andreas Fulda of the University of Nottingham has published a new article, “The Contested Role of Foreign and Domestic Foundations in the PRC: Policies, Positions, Paradigms, Power,” in the Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies...

Sinica Podcast


Joan Kaufman on Foreign Nonprofits and Academia in China

Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn & more from Sinica Podcast
Joan Kaufman is a fascinating figure: Her long and storied career in China started in the early 1980s, when she was what she calls a “cappuccino-and-croissant socialist from Berkeley.” Today, she is the director for academics at the Schwarzman...

Analysis on the First Six Months of the Foreign NGO Law

Contributor Tee Zhuo has done a deep dive on the statistics provided by the Ministry of Public Security for the six first months of Foreign NGO Law implementation. Among his findings are that representative offices tend to skew toward trade with...

Six Months In: An Analysis of Foreign NGO Activity in China

Tee Zhuo
Half a year after China’s new law regarding foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) went into effect, many questions remain about the law’s implementation across different regions of China and across different fields of work. To get a better...

Making Sense of MPS’ Data: A Compendium of Data Visualizations

To better understand the Ministry of Public Security’s publicly-available information on Foreign NGOs’ representative offices and temporary activities, The China NGO Project has created a series of data visualizations that allow readers to explore...

Guangzhou Small Group Holds Training Class

According to the Guangzhou government website, Guangzhou’s Coordinating Small Group for Foreign NGO Management Work held a training class on July 11 and 12. Participants included representatives from all of the government entities represented in the...

Qinghai Public Security Bureau Meets with Foreign NGOs; Guizhou Makes Filing More Convenient; Four Provincial Public Security Bureaus Conduct University Outreach

On June 30, the Beijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office granted registration certificates to 15 foreign NGOs: Ford Foundation (United States), Give2Asia (United States), The Asia Foundation (United States), Caterpillar...

New Analysis: Four More Previously Unlisted Entities Become Professional Supervisory Units

A total of six entities, not originally included in the Ministry of Public Security’s 2017 list of eligible Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs), have now sponsored foreign NGO representative offices. More details about the newest of these PSUs can...

Four More Previously Unlisted Entities Become PSUs

Jessica Batke
Based on data released on June 28, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has permitted four additional entities to become Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) for foreign NGOs. The addition of these four new PSUs confirms that the MPS is actively...

Yunnan Public Security Bureau Meets with MSI Professional Services and Plan International

Today, the head of the Yunnan Public Security Bureau Foreign NGO Management Office met with representatives of MSI Professional Services (Hong Kong) and Plan International (United States). MSI thanked the Yunnan office for its guidance and warm...

Ministry of Public Security Logs More than 30 New Representative Offices on Its Foreign NGO Management Office Website

On June 28, the Ministry of Public Security added more than 30 new foreign NGO representative offices to its running tally, bringing the total of approved offices to 132. The China NGO Project notes that most of the new additions were for offices...

Where Can My Organization Find All the Official Forms?

The following includes links to the official forms (in Chinese), as listed on the Ministry of Public Security website, which are necessary for compliance with both the representative office registration and temporary activity parts of China’s...

Unofficial English Translations of Registration/Filing Forms Now Available

The China NGO Project has just posted English translations of the official forms needed to apply for a representative office or file for a temporary activity. You can access them all here.

New CSIS Report on ‘Business Models’ for Human Rights NGOs

The Center for Strategic and International Studies recently published a new report by Edwin Rekosh exploring ways in which human rights NGOs might rethink how they approach their work internationally. Using a “business model” framework to...

Chongqing Public Security Bureau Trains Other Government Agencies on Foreign NGO Law

Today, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Foreign NGO Management Office presented registration certificates to twenty-one foreign NGO representative offices.

New Analysis on (Non-)PSUs

To complement our chart on which government agencies are serving as Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) for foreign NGOs, we’ve written a separate analysis looking at what agencies are not serving as PSUs. Check it out here.

China Development Brief Posts List of Foreign NGO Representative Offices

China Development Brief (CDB) has posted its own list of foreign NGOs with representative offices in China. CDB’s foreign NGO-related content can be found under the keyword “Overseas NGOs” on its website, including document translations and news...

Which PSUs Listed by the MPS Are Not Yet Serving as Such?

Jessica Batke
As of June 16, more than six months after the Foreign NGO Law went into effect, 84 foreign NGOs have successfully registered 97 representative offices. Thirty-eight unique Chinese government entities at either the national or provincial level have...

Case Study: Temporary Activity Filing Stalled

To complement our post on a successful temporary activity filing, one foreign NGO has agreed to let us present its experience of filing for a temporary activity, in which the filing stalled out in the middle of the process. The problem did not...

Rethinking the Human Rights Business Model

Edwin Rekosh
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shanghai, and Jiangsu Public Security Bureaus Conduct Outreach to Foreign NGOs, Universities, and Other Government Agencies

On June 12, the Guangxi Public Security Bureau Foreign NGO Management Office met with the foreign NGO Couleurs de Chine, including the NGO’s vice president, who was visiting from the group’s headquarters in France.

University Training on Foreign NGO Law in Heilongjiang; Hong Kong Groups Thank Hunan Public Security Bureau

Today, the Heilongjiang Public Security Bureau (PSB) Foreign NGO Management Office, in conjunction with Heilongjiang University, held a meeting on the Foreign NGO Law. In attendance were the university's international culture and education...

An Article Worth Reading

On June 13, South China Morning Post published a thorough report by Nectar Gan that details the experiences of foreign NGOs since the Foreign NGO Law went into effect this year.

A Statistical Analysis of the Implementation of the ONGO Law

The Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute

Why Foreign NGOs Are Struggling with New Chinese Law

Nectar Gan
South China Morning Post

Analysis from Beijing Normal University: “How Is Implementation of the Foreign NGO Law Progressing?”

The Charity Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) at Beijing Normal University has published an analysis of the foreign NGO representative offices registered and the temporary activities that have been filed in the first five months of 2017. The...

New Analysis from Legal Expert Fu Hualing

Hong Kong University Legal Expert Fu Hualing conducts a thought experiment related to non-Chinese NGOs, asking “why does the Foreign NGO Law apply to them?” Read more here.

Henan Public Security Bureau Quizzes Employees on Foreign NGO Law; Beijing Explains Temporary Activity Filings

Here are our translations of the latest WeChat posts from the Ministry of Public Security related to Foreign NGOs.

Brochure: “Key Information about Registering a Foreign NGO Representative Office”

The Beijing Public Security Bureau Foreign NGO Management Office provides this brochure in paper form at its offices in Beijing’s Haidian District. The content of the brochure is identical to the information found in numbers 1-6 of the Guide for the...

Granting Money to an Individual under the Foreign NGO Law: A Thought Experiment

Jessica Batke & Fu Hualing
Despite the Foreign NGO Law’s taking effect on January 1 of this year, quite a number of questions regarding the law’s contents remain unanswered. Lawyers, scholars, and foreign NGOs themselves all face uncertainty as they try to understand how...

Possible Foreign NGO Law-Related Detentions: What We Know, and What We Don’t

Jessica Batke
Three labor activists affiliated with the New York-based China Labor Watch (CLW) were detained in China last week. Reports suggest that they were detained for investigating labor practices at factories in Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces. This comes...

Ministry of Public Security Appears to be Making New Organs Eligible to Sponsor Foreign NGOs

A comparison of the list of Professional Supervisory Units (PSUs) that have already sponsored foreign NGOs and the Ministry of Public Security’s (MPS’) list of eligible PSUs for 2017 shows that, as of June 1, two entities that were not on the...

New Foreign NGO Registrations in Beijing, Liaoning, and Guangxi

Today, the Beijing Public Security Bureau Foreign NGO Management Office granted representative office registration certificates to five more NGOs, including the Business Software Alliance (United States), The Nature Conservancy (United States), the...

Have a Question? Ask an Expert!

Despite the Foreign NGO Law’s having been in effect for five months, foreign NGOs have many unanswered technical and procedural questions about operating in China. The China NGO Project is soliciting foreign NGOs’ outstanding questions, which we...