China’s Reserves Rise For 4th Month

Joe MacDonald
Associated Press
China's foreign currency reserves rose again ahead of a possible U.S. interest rate hike that might put new pressure on Beijing's exchange rate controls.

How Trump Could Already Be Affecting Monetary Policy in China

Silvia Amaro
Chinese officials might be trying to drain liquidity from their economy but the central bank remains fearful of raising interest rates too quickly, according to one strategist who suggests President Donald Trump might be indirectly influencing...

China’s Forex Reserves May Beat Expectations: Analyst

Leslie Shaffer
China’s foreign-exchange reserves data for January, due on Tuesday, may surprise on the upside after a long downtrend, an analyst said.

China Stanches Flow of Money Out of the Country, Data Suggests

Keith Bradsher
New York Times
The shift mainly stems from the weakness in the dollar and the government's effort to stop people from sending money out.

Caixin Media


Revamping the Landscape of Forex Flow

Capital flows out of China may be accelerating, a phenomenon commonly associated with waning confidence in a nation’s economy. But the foreign exchange regulator says the change is a step in the right direction.In the first six months of the year,...

Caixin Media


Strategic Reserves

(Beijing)—In an odd twist for China’s powerful banks, the biggest state-owned lenders last year started running low on the foreign currency needed for loans to enterprises investing overseas.“Some commercial banks suspended U.S. dollar loans” after...



How China Should Use Its Foreign Reserves

Deepak Lal
Cato Institute
China’s labor-intensive economic growth over the last two decades allowed the transfer of a vast amount of low-wage labor from both the rural sector and the declining state-owned enterprise (SOE) sector. That allowed China to grow by “walking on two...