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Top U.S. Diplomat David Rank on Why He Resigned to Protest Trump

Kaiser Kuo & David Rank from Sinica Podcast
David Rank became the leading diplomat for one of America’s most important embassies during the transition when Iowa governor Terry Branstad formally succeeded former Montana senator Max Baucus as U.S. Ambassador to China on May 24, 2017. He soon...

China summons U.S. Ambassador Over Indictment Against Chinese Military Officers

China's Assistant Foreign Minister summoned U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus to lodge a complaint over a U.S. indictment against five Chinese military officers.

Senate Approves Max Baucus as China Ambassador

Alan Fram
Associated Press
Longtime Sen. Max Baucus, a lawmaker well-versed in U.S. trade policy but with little expertise about military and other issues that have raised tensions with Beijing, has been confirmed the new U.S. ambassador to China.

Chinese Netizens Give Max Baucus a Chinese Name

Little Bluegill
China Digital Times
The new U.S. Ambassador to China, Max Baucus, asked for suggestions for his Chinese name. Everyone unanimously replied, “Meikesi? Baokesi.” [“He hasn’t died of coughing? It’s guaranteed he’ll die of coughing.”]

Despite Baucus Nomination, Critics Cite Void in China Lineup

Mark Landler
New York Times
With his appointment of Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana, a seasoned Senate free-trader as his new ambassador to Beijing, President Obama has chosen an emissary who faithfully reflects his priorities with China, which have tended to emphasize jobs...