China Reveals Misuse of $2.7 Billion in Lottery Funds

Sui-Lee Wee
China uncovered the misappropriation of $2.72 billion from its state lottery program, used to buy and build office buildings and hotels.

China NPC 2015: The Reports

Wall Street Journal
Downloadable versions of the reports on the Work of the Government (Premier Li Keqiang); the Plan for National Economic and Social Development (NDRC); the Budget Report (Ministry of Finance).

Good Times Are Over for Local Governments

Two pieces of recent news have piqued the public's interest. First, local governments reported their latest debt figures to the Ministry of Finance. The numbers have not been made public, but sources say many officials reported large amounts in...

Ministry Said to Propose Local Governments Issuing Bonds to Cover Debts

Huo Kan
Outstanding central and local government debt totaled 20.7 trillion yuan at the end of June last year, data from the National Audit Office show.

Government Offers 5 Billion Yuan to Fight Pollution

Zheng Jiran
China Daily
 The 5 billion yuan will help create an incentive for the designated regions to meet their air pollution reduction targets, to invest in pollution control and to aid their efforts to reduce airborne pollutants.