China, the Party-Corporate Complex

Yi-Zheng Lian
New York Times
In December, 15 years after China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, the European Union, the United States and Japan formally refused to grant Beijing the coveted label, denying it important concessions on tariffs and other trade...

Qualcomm Faces New Criticism in China

Ben Fox Rubin
China’s National Development and Reform Commission, an antitrust regulator, has been looking into potential monopolistic practices by Qualcomm in China, primarily related to its licensing business.

China Using Antimonopoly Law to Pressure Foreign Businesses

Laurie Burkitt and Colum Murphy
Wall Street Journal
Experts say Beijing seeking greater sway over prices paid by Chinese companies and consumers.

State Monopolies Continue to Dominate China’s Top 500

Zhang Dian (Translator)
Economic Observer
A new list that ranks China's top 500 companies according to operating revenue put together by the China Enterprise Confederation & China Enterprise Directors Association (CEC/CEDA) reveals that most of China's biggest companies...