Chinese Social Media Giant Is Worth More Than Facebook

Daniel Shane
Tencent shares closed more than 2% higher in Hong Kong on Tuesday, valuing the social media and gaming giant at around $522 billion, according to FactSet. Facebook is currently worth a little over $519 billion.

China State Media Promote Rap Song Praising Karl Marx

Associated Press
Entitled "Marx is a post-90"—China's version of a millennial—the song extols the communist godfather's supposed coolness.

People’s Daily Chief Warns of ‘Historic Mistake’ if China Loses Grip on New Media

Eva Dou and Josh Chin
Wall Street Journal
“To lose speech is to lose power,” Yang Zhenwu wrote in a lengthy essay published Monday.



Three Trends in Public Opinion Online in China

Hu Yong
Looking back at China’s Internet in 2011, there were three broad trends that deserve greater attention. The first was a general shift from emotionally-driven nationalist chatter as the defining tone of China’s Internet to more basic attention to...