Why Is China So Worried about Trump Recognising Jerusalem as Israel's Capital?

South China Morning Post
China anticipates more conflict in the Middle East following the United States’ move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which in turn would disrupt its investment plans in the region, diplomatic observers said。

Why Is China So Worried about Trump Recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital?

Liu Zhen
South China Morning Post
Beijing has extensive economic and military relations with Israel, but also maintains close ties with Palestine.

China’s Xi Tells Israel That Peaceful Middle East Good for All

Chinese President Xi Jinping told visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday that peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians would be good for both sides.

What Is China’s Plan on the Middle East?

Matt Schiavenza
Xi Jinping’s meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in May 2013 have as much to with  Israel and Palestine as it does with the United States whose diplomacy with these countries is not looking effective in...

China Dips a Toe Into Middle East Peace

Edward Wong and Chris Buckley
New York Times
China took a modest step into Middle East diplomacy early May 2013, hosting back-to-back visits from Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. 

Palestinian Leader Seeks Chinese Support

Chris Buckley
New York Times
China has tried to maintain firm ties with both Israel and the Palestinian Authority while supporting Palestinian demands for statehood and occasionally chiding the Israeli government for its policies toward the Palestinians.&...



What’s China’s Game in the Middle East?

Rachel Beitarie, Massoud Hayoun & more
Rachel Beitarie:Xi Jinping’s four point proposal for a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement is interesting not so much for its content, as for its source. While China has maintained the appearance of being involved in Middle East politics for years,...