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Official Stonewalling on Tianjin Explosions Sparks Outcry

While victims of the Tianjin explosions are still waiting to be told why their loved ones died or, how safe it is to go outside, officials remained evasive in the sixth press conference regarding the disaster.In response to a question from a Caixin...

Military Sends Chemical Specialists to Blast Site, Death Toll Rises to 50

So far more than 1,000 firefighters, 151 fire engines and a drone have been dispatched to the blast site.

Tianjin Blast Rescuers Removing Toxic Chemical Substance from Scene

Liu Rong
People’s Daily Online
Sodium cyanide has now been detected in the sewage and leakage has been confirmed.

China Maoming Environmental Protest Violence Condemned

Authorities have condemned an environmental protest in southern China that turned violent, calling it "serious criminal behavior.”

Chemical Spill Pollutes Shanxi Politics

James T. Areddy
Wall Street Journal
After a chemical spill polluted north China waterways–and delays in reporting it raised the specter of an earlier cover-up–the problem is seeping into the political system.

A Third Day of Protests in China Against Refinery Reach Third Day

Andrew Jacobs
New York Times
Hundreds protesting a petrochemical plant's expansion plans, swarmed Ningbo port tossing water bottles at riot police officers.