Give2Asia Webinar: How ‘Survivors’ Are Navigating the New Environment

U.S.-based non-profit Give2Asia hosted a webinar in October on foreign grant-making in China. University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mark Sidel joined Give2Asia’s Adam King to discuss the state of play nearly two years after the Foreign NGO Law went into...

ICNL Releases 2018 China Philanthropy Law Report

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) has released an updated version of its China Philanthropy Law Report. The report offers an overview of recent developments in civil society and philanthropy in China, including the passage of...



China Philanthropy Law Report

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law
China’s legal framework is constraining for civil society in general and philanthropic giving in particular. During the current administration of President Xi Jinping, Chinese civil society has come under a great deal of pressure. In terms of both...

Needy Clauses: Would China’s Proposed Charity Law Be a Gift to the Disadvantaged?

Mandy Zuo
South China Morning Post
Top legislative body will on Wednesday begin deliberating the country’s first charity law.

China's Rich Face Criticism After Mark Zuckerberg's Charity Pledge

Duncan Hewitt
International Business Times
China has a fast growing number of super-rich -- it created 242 billionaires in the past year alone.

It’s Complicated: Mark Zuckerberg’s Donation Spurs Philanthropy Debate in China

Yang Jie
WSJ: China Real Time Report
Some Chinese Internet users are asking: is it a kind-hearted gift or a tax dodge?

China’s First Lady Tones Down Star Power

Wall Street Journal
On U.S. visit, Peng Liyuan must balance charity pursuits to not steal focus from Xi.



Brother, Can You Spare a Renminbi?

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
Who deserves to be poor in modern China? One man in China’s southern Zhejiang province certainly seemed sympathetic: Each day, he pushed himself along the street on a homemade wooden skateboard, his apparently paralyzed legs tucked under his body,...



The Mogul Takes Manhattan

Lunch at Central Park's Loeb Boathouse is an elegant affair, popular among well-heeled tourists and alumni networking associations for its lakeside view and excellent service. But on Wednesday, June 25, the restaurant hosted hundreds of...

Hundreds of NYC’s Homeless Were Duped by a Chinese Millionaire Today

Olivia Becker
Vice News
A Chinese millionaire treated 250 homeless New Yorkers to a feast and karaoke rendition of “We Are the World” in Central Park today, but pretty much everyone left the event totally totally disappointed.

Bill Gates Urges China’s Wealthiest to Give to Charity...Again

Jonathan Kaiman
Businessman makes plea in People's Daily for country to improve bad philanthropic record by investing in the poor.

After Quake, Chinese Donors Seek Out Private Charities

Edward Wong
New York Times
The Red Cross Society of China, a state-run organization that is one of the country’s largest charities, has yet to recover from a 2011 scandal that struck a serious blow to China’s nascent notions of philanthropy. 



How Would You Spend (the Next) $300 Million on U.S.-China Relations?

Orville Schell & Michael Kulma
Orville Schell:When Stephen A. Schwarzman announced his new $300 million program aimed at sending foreign scholars to Tsinghua University in Beijing the way Rhodes Scholarship, set up by the businessman and statesman Cecil Rhodes in 1902 began...



Catalyzing Social Investment in China

Brooke Avory, Adam Lane
In May 2008, an earthquake hit the western Chinese province of Sichuan, taking 80,000 lives and displacing millions of others. The earthquake inspired an increase in donations from RMB13.3 billion in 2007 to RMB76.4 billion in 2008 and highlighted...