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Why China Doesn’t Publish Fatal Train Crash Data

Disputes between the two agencies running the trains in China over how to classify and publish details on fatal railroad incidents has kept reports on some fatal accidents last year from surfacing, people close to the matter say. Several employees...

How to Get Hired in China: The J.P. Morgan Case

Evan Osnos
New Yorker
The credibility of the Chinese political and economic system has always rested partly on its assertion that it is a well-functioning meritocracy.  With the investigation of nepotism between JPMorgan and China’s Railway Ministry,...

Liu Zhijun Admits to Taking 64.6 Mln Yuan in Bribes

Wang Chen
The bribery charges involved securing favors for 11 people over the course of 25 years in project bidding, promotions and allocation of rail transport quotas. The court session ended in three and half hours without specifying a sentencing...

Once So Mighty, Now Gone: China’s Ministry of Railways

Didi Kristen Tatlow
International Herald Tribune
The massive rail system, which employs more than 2 million people, is being turned into a state-owned corporation. Among ordinary workers, there’s considerable anxiety, and an insistent concern about whether their lives will actually...

Two Cabinet Agencies Are Cut In Restructuring By China

Edward Wong
New York Times
The Health Ministry will merge with the National Population and Family Planning Commission, while other ministries and agencies, like the Chinese F.D.A., are being restructured or given more power.