The Most-Viewed Fitting Room in China

Austin Ramzy
New York Times
Aside from shielding Internet users from political discussions the government considers deviant, China’s online censorship seeks to protect users minds from pornography.

Apology to Wife in Sex Scandal Breaks Online Record in China

Louise Watt
Associated Press
Actor Wen Zhang’s apology to his actress wife following rumors of his infidelity has set a record for comments and retweets on China’s version of Twitter.

Caixin Media


Chongqing Officials Mired in Web of Sex, Lies and Video

When a sex video involving a Chongqing official went viral on the Internet on November 2012, like millions of others, Tan Linling clicked out of curiosity.To her surprise, Tan recognized the woman in the video as a former colleague and friend named...

This Is Awkward: The Politics of a Chinese Orgy

Evan Osnos
New Yorker
Orgies are back in the news in Beijing, but this time it’s the Communist Party that has found itself in an uncomfortable position, and it is now praising the virtues of privacy. A leaked batch of photos swept across the Chinese internet this month,...