Chinese Maths Textbooks to Be Translated for U.K. Schools

Benjamin Haas
HarperCollins signs ‘historic’ deal with Shanghai publishers amid hopes it will boost British students’ performance

Shock and Praise for Groundbreaking Sex-Ed Textbook in China

Serenitie Wang and James Griffiths
A big step forward for a country long criticized for depriving children of necessary sex education, or graphic bordering on pornographic? That’s the question being asked in China over a series of textbooks aimed at children ages 6 to 13.

China, Fanning Patriotism, Adds Six Years to War with Japan in History Books

Javier Hernandez
New York Times
For generations, the “Eight-Year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression” has been ingrained in the minds of Chinese schoolchildren. Now the war is getting a new name, and an extended time frame.

Li Lei and Han Meimei, The love affair of a whole generation

Offbeat China
Two characters in China’s English textbook used 20 years ago are back, sparking a wave of nostalgia.