The Bears Are Back in Town

Falling housing prices, soaring inflation, and an export market peering over the brink of what seems a cataclysmic abyss. If you’ve been following the economic news lately, you can be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the chorus of bearish voices crying out that now—at last—the time has come for the Chinese economy to pay penance for its years of impressive economic growth. Is this really the end of good times?

This week on Sinica, we’re delighted to have Arthur Kroeber from Dragonomics and David Pierson from The Los Angeles Times in the studio with Kaiser Kuo. Our conversation starts with the falling real estate market before examining what is really happening on the ground in Wenzhou and with controversial local financing vehicles. If you’ve been concerned that the Chinese economy is sick, this is the podcast that will put your thumb on the pulse of the nation.