Inscrutable China

It may be because we’ve yet to finish Henry Kissinger’s latest book on the subject, but we’ll admit to having found life in China a bit more inscrutable than normal these past few weeks, and all evidence suggests we’re not alone. Seen through the prism of Yahoo’s mounting frustration with Alibaba’s financial contortions or our own escalating difficulty accessing Gmail, we now wonder if—as Vice Premier Wang Qishan commented in a recent interview on Charlie Rose—our Western perspective is too simple-minded to understand the strategic complexity of life in the Orient.

Feel the same way? Then why not join host Kaiser Kuo this week for a baffled look at the latest China news. Joining Kaiser to talk about these issues are regular Sinica stalwarts Jeremy Goldkorn and Gady Epstein, whom we officially congratulate for his upcoming shift from Forbes to the Economist. Way to go, Gady!