Mao’s Legacy and Foreign Self-Censorship

(Wikimedia Commons)
Mao Zedong

Notice your friends holding something back? In this Sinica podcast, we talk about the self-censoring phenomenon that’s taken root among the foreign community in China, and discuss a surprising case which demonstrates exactly the opposite: how one of the fiercest critics of Mao’s legacy has emerged within the confines of China’s own educational system. Why is one Chinese teacher going where most foreigners fear to tread, and what does this mean for those of us working and living in China?

After a successful speaking trip to Australia, Kaiser Kuo is back in the studio hosting Sinica this week. He is joined by Jeremy Goldkorn of Danwei fame and Sinica regular Gady Epstein, Beijing bureau chief for Forbes magazine. Joining us as a first time guest is David Moser, translator, essayist, and Sinologist who is currently working as the Academic Director for CET Beijing.