Return of the China Blog

All of you Sinica old-timers might remember a show we ran two years ago on the death of the China blog, in which Jeremy, Kaiser, and Will Moss mused about whether the combined forces of Twitter, Facebook, and Bill Bishop would manage to drive a stake through the heart of independent China blogging. So how refreshing is it to find that despite the growth of these online collossi, we still find ourselves reading and recommending blog posts from other China hands old and new.

How has the China blog scene changed in the last two years? If you’re curious about the state of affairs too, join Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn in our studio as we are delighted to host two of the younger and more influential bloggers writing on China today: Eric Fish from the Economic Observer, who gravitates to more analytic pieces at Sinostand, and Anthony Tao from Beijing Cream, who specializes in shorter posts and high-quality snark on Chinese popular culture.