Ming Pao: Rules for Anti-Japan Protests

Numerous mainland cities are experiencing days-long Anti-Japan protests in defense of China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands. Authorities have begun exerting increasingly strict control over the demonstrations. Police in the city of Changsha,Hunan Province, issued an edict urging authorities to “complete the work of influencing employee ideology,” forbidding municipal government employees from instigating or taking part in anti-Japan demonstrations and marches. The edict also orders public employees to immediately report any incidents to their superiors. Reports from the city of XiamenFujianProvince, also claim protests in defense of the Diaoyu Islands were met with suppression from the authorities. High level members of the Beijing media revealed they had received orders from above that allow the media to “report on nationalist sentiment, but breaking information from the street must be strictly controlled. Interviewing Diaoyu defenders is strictly prohibited.”

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