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Last Updated: July 7, 2016

Xi Jinping’s Germany Trip: Berlin Nixes Holocaust Memorial Request

Spiegel Online
Amid tensions over Japan’s historical war crimes, Chinese President Xi Jinping had wanted Chancellor Angela Merkel to show him World War II memorials during his upcoming visit to Berlin. Germany, however, wants no part of Beijing’s propaganda...

Cyber Menace: Digital Spying Burdens German-Chinese Relations

Ralph Neukirch, Jörg Schmitt, Gregor...
Spiegel Online
European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company’s (EADS) firewalls have been exposed to attacks by hackers for years, but now company officials say there was “a more conspicuous” attack a few months ago.  

China Cracks Down on Ai Wei Wei Protege Zhao Zhao

Ulrike Knöfel
Spiegel Online
Although meeting with Western media is not without its dangers, Zhao Zhao doesn't hesitate for a second. It takes him 40 minutes to get from his studio on the outskirts of Beijing to the downtown gallery showing his work, and Zhao arrives...