Joshua Frank is a documentary filmmaker and journalist currently based in New York City. Though born in Montreal, he has spent more time in Beijing than any other place.

Frank has produced videos for The New York Times, Vice, and Monocle, and published writing in the Los Angeles Times. His first documentary, Howling into Harmony, is an intimate look at Beijing’s experimental music scene. The film follows three young musicians and their parents, exploring their family relationships and the delicate balance between rebelliousness, nationalism, and nostalgia. It is currently distributed by Filmakers Library.

He holds an M.A. in documentary journalism from New York University and a bachelor’s in East Asian Studies from McGill University.

Last Updated: May 2, 2014



Collecting Insanity

Joshua Frank
Every country has a past it likes to celebrate and another it would rather forget. In China, where history still falls under the tight control of government-run museums and officially approved textbooks, the omissions appear especially stark. An...



Stars in the Haze

Joshua Frank
Flying kites is the quintessential Chinese pastime. But “wind zithers” or “paper sparrow hawks,” as they are known in Chinese, also have a long history as tools. Over millennia, Chinese have used them for measuring the wind, gauging distances, and...

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