Chinese Police Seize Publisher from Train in Front of Diplomats

Chris Buckley
New York Times
A Hong Kong-based book publisher with Swedish citizenship who was secretly spirited to China and held in custody for two years, igniting international controversy, has disappeared again in dramatic fashion — snatched from a train bound for Beijing...

Hong Kong Refuses to Return Bookseller Lam Wing Kee to China

Chinese police say he is in breach of his bail terms and have threatened further action if he does not return.

The Fate of China’s Freest City Could Depend on This One Frail Bookseller

Nash Jenkings
Mighty Current Media booksellers make a statement from prison....

Missing Hong Kong Bookseller Goes Back to China after Brief Home Visit

Tyrone Siu
65-year-old British citizen Lee Bo is already on his way back to China from Hong Kong after disappearing in December.

China Investigating Hong Kong Bookseller over Mail Sales

Washington Post
Chinese police are investigating a detained bookseller for allegedly selling books by mail illegally in mainland China.

Hong Kong's Business Community is 'Freaked Out' Over China's Crackdown

A crisis of confidence has hit companies in Hong Kong following the abduction of booksellers by Chinese agents.

European Parliament calls for release of HK booksellers detained in China

Tyrone Siu
The disappearances of five booksellers prompt fears that mainland authorities may be using shadowy tactics.