China Stocks Drop as Insurers Face Crackdown

Shen Hong
Wall Street Journal
China’s top securities regulator has accused some big insurers of behaving like ‘barbarians’

China Shares Suffer Worst Month in Nearly Six Years

Chao Deng
Wall Street Journal
Shaken confidence in Beijing’s role in market led to wild swings in recent days.

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How Beijing Intervened to Save China’s Stocks

Top executives from 21 securities firms spent the morning of Saturday July 4 pinned to government office chairs while the future of China’s stock markets hung in the balance.They’d been summoned on a day off to the Beijing office of the China...

China Stocks Fall in Defiance of Beijing’s Support Efforts

Patrick McGee, Josh Noble and Gabriel...
Financial Times
Another 173 firms listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen announced trading suspensions after the market closed on Tuesday, bringing the total to around 940. 

Alibaba is Selling US E-Commerce Site 11 Main Just a Year After it Opened

Josh Horwitz
Alibaba’s been more tentative in the U.S. than it has in China, because it is a latecomer in a mature market.

Buffett Bullish on China

Qian Ruisha
Global Times
Warren Buffett predicts a two-to-three-year boom in Mainland markets. 

China Raises Red Flag on Its Stock Markets

Chao Deng
Wall Street Journal
Regulator warns investors not to borrow money or sell property to buy shares. 

China’s Booming Stockmarket — The Bubble Question

Whereas China’s growth has drifted steadily lower, its share indices have doubled in value. 

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Revision of Securities Law Is Chance to Liberalize Market

China's securities law is to undergo a comprehensive revision almost a decade after the last major overhaul. Public consultation is due to start in the first half of next year, following recent comments from officials, scholars, and market...

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Errors of Aggression Catch up with Underwriter

Ping An Securities Co. has been slapped with a fine by the securities regulator and will lose its stock underwriting license for three months because of its sloppy work in underwriting the initial public offering of a company that turned out to be a...