China Demands U.S. Immediately Withdraw N. Korea Sanctions, Warns Will Hit Ties

Simon Denyer
Washington Post
China demanded the United States immediately withdraw a package of sanctions on companies and individuals trading with North Korea on Wednesday, and said the decision by the Trump administration will damage Sino–U.S. ties.



The End of the Asian Century

Michael Auslin
Since Marco Polo, the West has waited for the “Asian Century.” Today, the world believes that Century has arrived. Yet from China’s slumping economy to war clouds over the South China Sea and from environmental devastation to demographic crisis, Asia’s future is increasingly uncertain. Historian and geopolitical expert Michael Auslin argues that far from being a cohesive powerhouse, Asia is a fractured region threatened by stagnation and instability. Here, he provides a comprehensive account of the economic, military, political, and demographic risks that bedevil half of our world, arguing that Asia, working with the United States, has a unique opportunity to avert catastrophe—but only if it acts boldly. Bringing together firsthand observations and decades of research, Auslin’s provocative reassessment of Asia’s future will be a must-read for industry and investors, as well as politicians and scholars, for years to come. —Yale University Press{chop}

Relax, China’s Banks Aren’t About to Have a Meltdown

Tom Holland
South China Morning Post
There are reasons to be worried about China’s debt, but the risk of a 2008-style crisis is not one of them.

The China Economy: What Lessons for Africa?

Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden & more
When African policy makers scan the globe in search of inspiration on how to structure their economies, that search often leads to Beijing. Not surprisingly, African leaders look at what China has done over the past 30 years where it went from being...

For China, a Plunge and a Reckoning

Orville Schell
Wall Street Journal
Anyone trying to design an event to bring Xi Jinping’s China back to Earth couldn’t have engineered something much more elegant than the turmoil in China’s financial markets and the resulting global aftershocks. The upheaval is traumatic for China’s...

Why Worry About China?

Alen Mattich
Wall Street Journal
The Chinese government has stepped in to the market, the police are involved, and short selling is under fire. 

China Takes More Steps to Stop ‘Irrational’ Selling'

Grace Zhu
Wall Street Journal
Chinese government agencies step up efforts to shore up China’s plunging stock markets that the securities regulator described as facing panic and irrational selling.

Why is China's Stock Market Crashing?

Bo Zhiyue
The volatility of the stock markets has become a political issue but political intervention has not been effective. It is likely that Chinese leaders will find ways to boost the confidence in the Chinese stock markets which could backfire.

China Stocks Rise as Beijing’s Emergency Moves Brings Some Relief

Samuel Shen and Pete Sweeney
Support measures unleashed by Beijing brought some relief to a market after headlong slide over three weeks. 

Chinese Stocks Drop 10% From Peak

China’s benchmark stock index tumbled from this year’s peak amid growing concern that the country’s longest-ever bull market has propelled valuations to unsustainable levels.

China's Coming Economic Transformation

Andrew Batson
Wall Street Journal
China is grappling with an economic downturn, but there is more than the usual amount of disagreement about how fast it's slowing down. The battle is not between the usual bulls and bears. The most interesting split this time is between those...



China’s Holdings of U.S. Securities: Implications for the U.S. Economy

Wayne M. Morrison, Marc Labonte
Peony Lui
Congressional Research Service
Given its relatively low savings rate, the U.S. economy depends heavily on foreign capital inflows from countries with high savings rates (such as China) to meet its domestic investment needs and to fund the federal budget deficit. The willingness...



China’s Economic Conditions

Wayne M. Morrison
Peony Lui
Congressional Research Service
Since the initiation of economic reforms and trade liberalization thirty years ago, China has been one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and has emerged as a major economic and trade power. The combination of large trade surpluses, FDI flows...



China’s Currency: A Summary of the Economic Issues

Wayne M. Morrison, Marc Labonte
Peony Lui
Congressional Research Service
Some Members of Congress charge that China’s policy of accumulating foreign reserves (especially U.S. dollars) to influence the value of its currency constitutes a form of currency manipulation intended to make its exports cheaper and imports into...