Former Google China Head Targets AI Opportunities with New $900M Sinovation Fund

Jon Russell
Sinovation Ventures, one of China’s prominent funds which is helmed by former Google China head Kaifu Lee, has announced a new investment fund that’s targeted at a total raise of $900 million.

Ex-Google Executive Opens a School for AI, with China's Help

Tom Simonite
Onetime head of Google's operations in China launches a new project to train Chinese AI talents.

China Is Rapidly Closing the US’s Lead in AI Research

Dan Kopf
Every year, hundreds of researchers gather at the annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) to hear presentations on the latest developments in AI. Increasingly, that means learning about the work of...

Former Google China Chief Faces Online Attacks

Josh Chin
WSJ: China Real Time Report
Major Chinese Internet portals have republished an essay from an official media website that implies that Kai-fu Lee lied about being diagnosed with cancer, in what some of his supporters are calling a coordinated ad hominem effort...