China Sends Bubbles To North America

Noah Smith
China’s money flow could have consequence....

China's Banking Mess: It's the Politics, Stupid

Minxin Pei
After the People's Bank of China (PBOC), issued a reassuring statement on June 25 that dispelled investors' worries about the lack of liquidity in China's interbank loan market, Chinese stock markets halted their plunge, and the rates...

Credit Warnings Offer World a Peek Into China’s Secretive Banks

David Barboza
New York Times
Most economists say China’s financial system is not facing huge systemic risks, and that growth could even come in at 7 percent, which would still make it the world’s fastest-growing major economy. But there are mounting concerns here that the good...

Caixin Media


Legal, Economic Reforms Important At Coming Party Session

China’s blueprint for economic reform is finally taking shape. The government has appointed a taskforce to draft the plans, ahead of the third plenary meeting of the 18th Central Committee. With the country’s economy at the crossroads, these plans...



How Should the World Prepare for a Slower China?

Arthur R. Kroeber & Patrick Chovanec
Get Ready for a Slower ChinaThe recent gyrations on the Chinese interbank market underscore that the chief risk to global growth now comes from China. Make no mistake: credit policy will tighten substantially in the coming months, as the government...

Zhou Seen Exiting PBOC as China Installs New Economic Leadership

Kevin Hamlin and Michael Forsythe
Top finance official Vice Premier Wang Qishan will move to a new role and Commerce Minister Chen Deming is also likely to exit. 

China's Loans Unexpectedly Fall as Money Supply Misses Forecast

Zheng Lifei, Nerys Avery
Central Bank governor warns China is still deal with the effects of five years of financial crisis overseas.