Rendezvous with Power

Wang Kaihao
China Daily
Apart from providing a glimpse into politics in the United States, the popular drama series depicts a shift in stereotypes of China.

‘House of Cards’ in China: Surprisingly Available and Popular

Steven Jiang
Some analysts are surprised by the government's largely hands-off approach to video streaming sites, but caution that it may not last.

‘House of Cards’ Breaks Barriers in China

Wayne Ma
Wall Street Journal
Although the second season paints an unflattering picture of Chinese diplomacy and officials, “House of Cards” wasn't prescreened by Chinese regulators and airs uncensored.

‘Saturday Night Live’ comes to China's Internet

Louise Watt
Associated Press
One such episode portraying Hu Jintao berating Barack Obama over the national debt shows the potential for more political discussion in China's television industry.