Daniel H. Rosen is the founding partner of the Rhodium Group (RHG), and leads the firm’s work on China and the world economy. Rosen’s specific client activities include analysis of China-U.S. policy dynamics, interpretation of Chinese economic data, and facilitation of meetings with senior Chinese officials, executives, and thought leaders both inside and outside China.

Since 2001, Rosen has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. He is a Visiting Fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington, DC, where he has been affiliated since 1993. His sixth Institute book, on China-Taiwan economic relations, was published in December 2010; he is currently working on his seventh, on global direct investment by Chinese companies. In 2011, Rosen released (with RHG Research Director Thilo Hanemann) An American Open Door? Maximizing the Benefits of Chinese Direct Investment, which immediately became the standard reference on China’s direct investment in the United States.

From 2000 to 2001, Rosen was Senior Advisor for International Economic Policy at the White House National Economic Council and National Security Council, where he played a key role in completing China’s accession to the World Trade Organization and accompanied the President to Asia for summits and state visits. Rosen is a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and serves on the Board of the National Committee for U.S.-China Relations.

Last Updated: April 5, 2021



Advice for Xi Jinping

Nathan Gardels, Daniel H. Rosen & more
Later this month, Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Washington for a state visit with President Obama. This week, a group of China experts from America traveled to Beijing to offer their advice to Chinese officials on how to conduct the...



Are China’s Economic Reforms Coming Fast Enough?

Daniel H. Rosen, David Hoffman & more
Economic data show a slowdown in China. At least two opposing views of what’s next for the world’s largest economy have just been published: one skeptical, from David Hoffman at The Conference Board, and one cautiously optimistic, from Dan Rosen and...



Avoiding the Blind Alley: China’s Economic Overhaul and Its Global Implications

Daniel H. Rosen
Daniel H. Rosen
Asia Society
President Xi Jinping announced a sweeping overhaul for China’s economy in November 2013, with pledges to make market forces decisive, treat homegrown and foreign investors with the same laws and regulations, and change the mission statement of the...



Is America’s Door Really Open to China’s Investment?

Daniel H. Rosen, Orville Schell & more
Daniel Rosen:There have not been many new topics in U.S.-China economic relations over the past decade: the trade balance, offshoring of jobs, Chinese holding of U.S. government debt, whether China’s currency is undervalued and intellectual property...



Chinese Direct Investment in California

Daniel H. Rosen and Thilo Hanemann
Daniel H. Rosen
Asia Society
To build the case for a robust response to these opportunities and looming risks, this report analyzes Chinese investment in California in depth, mining a unique database for insights about California’s comparative advantages, the Chinese firms most...



China Invests in Europe

Thilo Hanemann and Daniel H. Rosen
Daniel H. Rosen
Rhodium Group
Europe is experiencing the start of a structural surge in outbound direct investment in advanced economies by Chinese firms. The take-off was only recent: annual inflows tripled from 2006 to 2009, and tripled again by 2011 to $10 billion (€7.4...

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Council on Foreign Relations

First, this was not a political move by the President to position himself as tough on China, as suggested by some. The timeline of the review through the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) and the Presidential decision is set by law and the fact that the President was forced to make a decision resulted from Ralls...

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