China’s Real ‘House of Cards’: TV Series Unveils Graft Excess

Ting Shi
The eight-episode series, called “Always On the Road,” is being beamed daily to hundreds of millions of Chinese homes through Oct. 25 on CCTV’s Channel 1

Chinese Corruption Gets House of Cards Treatment with Communist Mini-Series

Tom Phillips
State-sanctioned TV drama will focus on the Communist Party’s resolve to eradicate corruption.



Watch Frank Underwood Advertise China’s Black Friday

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian
On November 11, at the stroke of midnight Beijing time, millions of Chinese sitting behind their computers or cradling their mobile phones began purchasing cell phones, handbags, and clothing at cutthroat prices. By the end of November 11, analysts...

He Said What? China's Xi Jinping Makes 'House of Cards' Joke

Andrew Stevens
Xi Jinping did something unusual, almost unheard of, for a Chinese President: He cracked a joke. In public.

To Play The Part, Actors Must Talk The Talk — In Chinese

Hansi Lo Wang
The success of the Netflix series House of Cards lies in the details, yet episodes featuring actors speaking in Chinese are one detail the show doesn't get quite right.

Sex, Spies, and Videotape: Why ‘House of Cards’ Has Nothing on ‘The Americans’

J. Dana Stuster
Foreign Policy
While House of Cards is obsessed with high office and overt power, The Americans succeeds by intimately focusing on the personal.

Rendezvous with Power

Wang Kaihao
China Daily
Apart from providing a glimpse into politics in the United States, the popular drama series depicts a shift in stereotypes of China.

‘House of Cards’ in China: Surprisingly Available and Popular

Steven Jiang
Some analysts are surprised by the government's largely hands-off approach to video streaming sites, but caution that it may not last.

‘House of Cards’ Breaks Barriers in China

Wayne Ma
Wall Street Journal
Although the second season paints an unflattering picture of Chinese diplomacy and officials, “House of Cards” wasn't prescreened by Chinese regulators and airs uncensored.



China in ‘House of Cards’

Steven Jiang, Donald Clarke & more
China figures heavily in the second season of the Netflix series House of Cards, but how accurately does the show portray U.S.-China relations? Steven Jiang, a journalist for CNN in Beijing, binged-watched all thirteen recently-released web-only...