World's Oldest Captive Panda Basi Dies in China

At 37, Basi had outlived all her panda peers, reaching the equivalent of more than a hundred in human years.

Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered in China

Public Radio International
The improvement came from the hard work of controlling poaching and replanting bamboo forests.

China plays favorites with endangered species

Kristie Lu Stout
“The Chinese government has put so much money and so much effort into preserving pandas but there are so many other species that need addressing.”



Beijing Says Panda Population Up 17%, But Experts Doubtful

from chinadialogue
China's claims that its population of wild giant pandas rose around 17% in just over a decade are being disputed by some experts, who point out that the latest census was over a much wider area than the previous one.The giant panda, a global...

Vets Battle to save Stricken Panda in Shaanxi

Huang Zhiling
China Daily
Vets are racing to treat a 5-year-old panda diagnosed with canine distemper at the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Research Center.



Pandas Were Monsters

Alexa Olesen
"Rich Chinese are literally eating this exotic mammal into extinction," read a recent Global Post expose of the devastating trade in the pangolin, a scaly anteater that Chinese consider a delicacy. According to the Post, the adorable...

Why Do Pandas Have Such Difficulty Breeding in Zoos

David Owen
New Yorker
Giant pandas in captivity are described as simply “reproductively incompetent” by David Wildt, the head of the Center for Species Survival at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. What will it take to get them to bone up on their sex ed?

Panda Sex Exposé: Why Does the Male Struggle to Perform His Duty in Captivity?

Roger Dobson
Potentially earth-shaking research suggests that male pandas, famous for their struggles in “shaping up”, are much more attentive to females when exposed to the smell of a rival. 

Introducing Père David, the Bold Priest Who Brought Us Gerbils

Christopher Howse
Catholic Herald
French naturalist and missionary Armand David was one of the first westerners to set eyes on the giant panda, and contributed in familiarizing the West with other native Chinese species.

Yes, It’s True, China Is Launching a 24-Hour Panda Cam

WSJ: China Real Time Report
China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding has launched a free 24-hour live Internet-broadcast of the cuddly critters, state-run Xinhua news agency said Monday. 



Millions Await News of Test-tube Panda Taotao’s “Return” to the Wild

from chinadialogue
On October 11, at the age of two years and two months, giant panda Taotao went home.This was China’s second attempt to introduce a giant panda born through artificial insemination into the wild. Unlike last time, however, Taotao was born and raised...