New Regulations for Online Video Sharing

Anne Henochowicz
China Digital Times
China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television issued a notice including rules such as real name registration for all users uploading to video sharing sites. ...

Designer Seed Thought to Be Latest Target by Chinese

John Eligon and Patrick Zuo
New York Times
The F.B.I. cites agricultural technology theft as an emerging international trend, especially in light of a case in which Chinese agents were accused of trying to steal valuable American corn seeds.

Imax Faces a Threat in China

Michael Cieply
New York Times
Competitors in China could cut into Imax’s potential market share, but the company has charged in several courts that a Chinese system relies on technology that was blatantly stolen.



Closing Time? China’s Social Media Crackdown Has Hit Weibo Hard

Findings by East China Normal University (ECNU), a research university in Shanghai, commissioned by respected U.K. outlet The Telegraph and released January 30, lodges concrete data behind what frequent users and analysts of Chinese social media...

China Challenging U.S. Military Technological Edge: Pentagon Official

David Alexander
Chinese and Russian military developments are threatening to the U.S.’ technological edge. 

Virgin Galactic Bans Chinese Tourists from Space Flights Fearing Espionage

Asian News International
Tycoons willing to pay 250,000 dollars for the tickets have been advised to get another nationality's passport to board the flights. ...

Map Visualizes Chinese New Year Migration
Wall Street Journal
An estimated 3.65 billion trips will be made during the world's largest seasonal migration. ...

China Moon Rover Jade Rabbit in Trouble

The malfunctioning rover presents the first public mishap China's ambitious space programme has experienced in years...

How the Chinese Internet Ended Up at a House in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Brian Fung
Washington Post
In trying to block Chinese traffic going to Sophidea, the Great Firewall's operators accidentally diverted more traffic there...

China Mobilizes Cyber-cops After Leak on Elite Overseas Wealth

Benjamin Carlson
Global Post
(Op-ed) “surprising behavior from a government that says it really wants transparency to flush out corruption.”

China Suffers Massive Internet Outage, Analysts Suspect Hackers

Paul Armstrong
The state-run China Internet Network Information Center blamed the blockage on a “malfunction in root servers.”

A Globe-Trotting Serial Entrepreneur Finds Roots in China’s Start-Up Scene

Ron Gluckman
New York Times
From information technology and gaming, to local comedy, Richard Robinson knows what is going on in China. 

A Globe-Trotting Serial Entrepreneur Finds Roots in China’s Start-Up Scene

Ron Gluckman
New York Times
 From information technology and gaming, to local comedy, Richard Robinson knows what is going on in China. 

The People's Republic of Television Portraits from 1980's China

Erik Kessels
“Soon, photographs of people and their televisions began appearing around China.”

China Cloning on an 'Industrial Scale'

David Shukman
A converted shoe factory in Shenzhen becomes the world's largest cloning centre through "handmade cloning."...

Foxconn Reportedly Ships Nearly 1.5M iPhone 5s Units for China Mobile launch

Lorraine Luk
Wall Street Journal
Apple sales slow in the face of competition from Samsung, Lenovo, Yulong and Huawei. 

Chinese Drivers Pollute Without Guilt

Adam Miner
Chinese demand for private transportation soars while air-quality plummets. 

Chinese Theme Park Plans Replica Titanic (And Yes, It Will Hit an Iceberg)

David Stout
The $165 million project will be completed in two years. 

‘Cultural Threats’ Among Five Focuses of New National Security Panel, Colonel Says

Teddy Ng
South China Morning Post
Government committee is established to manage western threats to cyber and national security.

China Stocks Fall to Five-Month Low

Weiyi Lim
Declines for technology and consumer shares have overshadowed a rally for Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. and raw-material companies.

China on World’s ‘Biggest Push’ for Wind Power

David Shukman
A project planning to double the number of wind turbines in the next six years prompts analysists to question the actual influence of wind power in the region.  

Moon Landing ‘100pc Made in China,’ says Xi Jinping

Patrick Boehler
South China Morning Post
Contrary to Xi's claims, scientists have noted that the design of the moon rover has borrowed heavily from previous Soviet and American versions. ...

Guardian Website Blocked in China

Gerry Mullany
New York Times
The newspaper said that it may be due to a recently run article about ethnic tensions in the western region of Xinjiang.

China Confronts the Online Rumor Mill

Yu Hua
New York Times
(Op-ed) Hoewever unlikely, the best way of putting an end to Internet rumors is for the government to stop disseminating them. 

Snowden Lied About China Contacts

Gordon G. Chang
Daily Beast
The New York Times has urged the Obama administration to offer Edward Snowden “a plea bargain or some form of clemency,” calling the former NSA contractor “a whistle-blower” for his exposure of “the vast scope” of the NSA’s “reach into the lives of...



2013 Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to look back at some of the stories ChinaFile published in 2013. We hope you’ll find something that interests you to read—or watch—over the holidays.It’s hard to remember a recent year that didn...



Chinese Literature Online

Michel Hockx
In July of last year, Brixton, U.K.-based novelist Zelda Rhiando won the inaugural Kidwell-e Ebook Award. The award was billed as “the world’s first international e-book award.” It may have been the first time that e-writers in English from all over...

Suck It and See
There are many theories on how China could best tackle its air pollution problem: it could shutter its factories, upgrade its emissions standards or, according to one Dutch artist, it could simply suck up the haze...



Stark Choices for China’s Leaders

Damien Ma & William Adams
One Beijing morning in early November 2012, seven men in dark suits strode onto the stage of the Great Hall of the People. China’s newly elected Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Xi Jinping stood at the center of the ensemble, flanked on each...

Snowden Says He Took No Secret Files to Russia

James Risen
New York Times
He also asserted that he was able to protect the documents from China’s spies because he was familiar with that nation’s intelligence abilities, saying that as an N.S.A. contractor he had taught a course on Chinese...

Former Google China Chief Faces Online Attacks

Josh Chin
WSJ: China Real Time Report
Major Chinese Internet portals have republished an essay from an official media website that implies that Kai-fu Lee lied about being diagnosed with cancer, in what some of his supporters are calling a coordinated ad hominem effort...

‘Where Are the Riots?’: China Watches the Shutdown

Jiayang Fan
New Yorker
In China’s social media - what amounts to China’s largest and most liberal classroom - microbloggers are taking the opportunity to teach one another the difference between federal and local authority in America and the protections, and perils, of...

The World’s Most Active Twitter Country?

Victor Lipman
In terms of active Twitter users (defined as those “who used or contributed to the platform at least once a month”), the country with the most users was China, with 35.5 million, even though Chinese netizens are restricted from using Twitter.&...

Sina C.E.O. Charles Chao on How Weibo Is Changing China

Liz Gannes
All Things Digital
“Before, if anything happened, any accident or disaster, the information can be withheld or contaminated by government media control; but now it’s impossible, almost, to withhold information,” Chao said at the Stanford University China 2.0...

No, Facebook Can’t Conquer China With Free Trade

Ryan Tate
Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has now been legalized inside a forthcoming free-trade zone within Shanghai, but the beachhead will likely remain just that, as it’s unlikely Facebook will be able to penetrate other regions or...

A Chill, Ill Wind Blows Across China

Elizabeth Economy
Council on Foreign Relations
Beijing’s anti-corruption campaign against public intellectuals and corrupt officials—while widely heralded by the official Chinese media—seems like one destined for short-term gain but long-term pain. 

Hacker Group in China Linked to Big Cyber Attacks

Jim Finkle
Researchers at Symantec Corp have discovered a group of highly sophisticated hackers operating for hire out of China, a U.S. computer security company said, and it linked them to some of the best-known espionage attacks in recent years...

China Broadcasts COnfession of Chinese-American Blogger

William Wan
Washington Post
Chinese authorities have increasingly been broadcasting interviews after big-name arrests, forcing suspects to confess publicly to alleged crimes prior to trial or conviction.  

Some of China’s Prominent Internet Voices

Chris Buckley
New York Times
A run-down of some of Sina Weibo’s most followed figures, complete with background information, a sampling of posts, and the type of content you ought to expect from them, from irreverant property developers to optimistic high-tech investors.



Blocked on Weibo

Jason Q. Ng
Though often described with foreboding buzzwords such as “The Great Firewall” and the “censorship regime,” Internet regulation in China is rarely either obvious or straightforward. This was the  inspiration for China specialist Jason Q. Ng to write an innovative computer script that would make it possible to deduce just which  terms are  suppressed on  China’s most important social media site, Sina Weibo. The  remarkable and groundbreaking result is Blocked on Weibo, which began as a highly  praised blog and has been expanded here  to list over 150 forbidden keywords, as well as offer possible explanations why the Chinese government would find these terms sensitive.As Ng explains, Weibo (roughly the equivalent of Twitter), with over 500 million registered accounts, censors hundreds of words and phrases, ranging from fairly obvious terms, including “tank” (a reference to the “Tank Man” who stared down the Chinese army in Tiananmen Square) and  the names of top government officials (if they can’t be found online, they can’t be criticized), to deeply obscure references, including “hairy bacon” (a coded insult referring to Mao’s embalmed body).With dozens of phrases that could get a Chinese Internet user invited  to the  local  police station “for a cup of tea” (a euphemism for being detained by the  authorities), Blocked  on Weibo offers an invaluable guide to sensitive topics in modern-day China as well as a fascinating tour of recent Chinese history.  —The New Press{chop}

It’s O.K. to Protest in China, Just Don’t March

Shankar Vedantam
King has just completed two studies that peer into the Chinese censorship machine — including a field experiment within China that was conducted with extraordinary secrecy. The studies refute popular intuitions about what Chinese censors are after...

Tweeting Rumors in China Can Now Land You 3 Years in Jail

Charlie Custer
Tech in Asia
The latest barrage from the government in China’s ongoing war on rumors is a Supreme Court document that announces any post “clicked and viewed more than 5000 times, or reposted more than 500 times” will be considered...

An Inside Look at China’s Censorship Tools

Paul Mozur
WSJ: China Real Time Report
To get inside the system, professor Gary King and two Ph.D. students started their own fake social network over the past year, which—while it never formally went online—allowed them to reach out to some of China’s many companies offering censorship...

Caixin Media


China’s Shale Gas Development Goals Just Pipe Dreams

China wants to reap the benefits of a shale gas revolution similar to the one in the United States, but there are many obstacles to this happening, experts say.In the first half of 2013, fifty-six shale gas wells were in the exploratory phase in the...

Cyber-Disconnect at Joint U.S.-China Press Conference

Anna Murline
Christian Science Monitor
Defense Secretary Hagel called a new U.S.-China cyberaffairs working group a ‘venue for addressing issues of mutual concern.’ His Chinese counterpart, General Chang Wanquan, denied there was a problem. 

China Prepares for Psychological Warfare With Flying Broadcast Station

Aaron Jensen
P.L.A. psychological warfare efforts could potentially have a devastating effect on Taiwanese troops. Prior to, and during, a conflict with Taiwan, the Gaoxin-7 would likely be used to broadcast messages to demoralize Taiwanese troops, and...

Buffett-Style Dinner Auctions Lure Chinese Seeking Just Society

Proceeds from a Taobao store go to support human rights activists and the families of jailed political dissidents. The site’s following means a growing number of Chinese are willing to take small actions that together pose a challenge to China’s one...

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Infecting Visitors, Expert Warns

Jim Finkle
A prominent computer security firm has warned that the Dalai Lama’s Chinese-language website has been compromised with malicious software that is infecting computers of visitors with software that could be used for spying.

Monster Zombie Spider to Crush Super Mario’s China Dreams

Can Nintendo’s Super Mario take on Tencent Holding’s giant, undead Spider? As the country ends a 13-year ban on consoles, a generation of gamers have grown used to a free online model and increasingly migrating to mobile...



What Will Come out of the Communist Party’s Polling the People Online?

David Wertime, Duncan Clark & more
David Wertime:Simon Denyer’s recent article (“In China, Communist Party Takes Unprecedented Step: It Is Listening,” The Washington Post, August 2, 2013) provides a valuable look at some of the ways that Chinese authority mines domestic micro-...

The Changing State of Smartphone Competition in China

Bill Bishop
Deal Book
Xiaomi has released a new Android phone so agressively priced, it could cause damage to competitors and other component suppliers. Consequently, Apple’s iPhone is no longer the most sought out phone in the country. 

The Price of ‘Made in China’

Peter Navarro
New York Times
The $34 milllion in steel production and fabriation needed to refurbish North America’s longest suspension bridge, the Verrazano-which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island has been outsourced to China.

Europe and China Agree to Settle Solar Panel Fight

James Kanter, Keith Bradsher
New York Times
The European Union’s trade chief said on Saturday that a deal had been reached with China to settle a dispute over exports of low-cost solar panels that had threatened to set off a wider trade war between two of the world’s largest economies.

China Pushes Europe to Lower Hurdles to Solar Deal

Ethan Bilby
A European Commission document dated July 12 said China wants any solar agreement to expire by the end of 2014, that the so-called certain parts of the panels should be excluded from tariffs and that any cap on Chinese exports should be...

After Protest, China Cancels Plans for Uranium Plant

Gerry Mullany
New York Times
The protest in Jiangmen was the latest display of growing public disquiet about environmental hazards, which could frustrate China’s ambitious plans for nuclear power and technology. 

Censoring the News Before It Happens

Perry Link
New York Review of Books
Chinese censors number in the hundreds-of-thousands. Their duties are to not only block stories they disapprove of, but to alter and obscure details in published stories, and promote stories that cast the Party in a good light.

China Likely to Lift Foreign Game Console Ban

George Chen
South China Morning Post
China is expected to soon end a 13-year ban on the sale of gaming consoles with only one key condition: foreign firms like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft must make their products in Shanghai’s new free trade zone. 

Don’t Let Cyber Security Overshadow Key China-U.S. Dialogue

Yang Qingchuan
China Daily
To complete the unprecedented task of forging new-type relationship between the world’s largest developing nation and&...

Caixin Media


Central Bank Raises the Red Flag over P2P Lending Risks

A recent report by the central bank about peer-to-peer (P2P) lending websites in China has shed light on some severe problems in the business for which there is, as yet, little regulation.The original idea for P2P lending websites was that they were...

More Passages Thru Sea of Japan

Global Times
China has the potential to become a non-hegemonic global power. Such potential, if not wasted, would be a great contribution to mankind.