Lauren Johnston is a consultant at the World Bank in Beijing. Her research focuses on China’s economy and the China-Africa economic nexus. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Peking University, an M.Sc. in Development Economics from the London School of Oriental and African Studies, and a B.Com./B.A. from the University of Melbourne. Prior to completing her Ph.D., Johnston was an ODI Fellow in Sierra Leone and Guyana, a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow based in Geneva, and a consultant at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

Last Updated: April 25, 2018

How Africa Benefits from China’s Rapidly Aging Population

Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden & more
China’s rapidly aging population presents a huge challenge for the country as it needs to find new ways to pay for rising healthcare and social welfare benefits. And that’s where Africa may be able to help. Home to one of the youngest populations on...